Cape Fence

We manufacture, sell, hire out and service perimeter protection solutions for customers across business, community and industry sectors. Our perimeter protection solutions are comprised of products and services, including demarcation, entrance control and detection products along with project management, system integration, installation, commissioning service and maintenance services.

Times have changed. Also, or perhaps especially, when it comes to the security of people, organizations and locations. Society is constantly looking for new solutions. In many cases this goes beyond just placing a fence. But above all we succeed in merging and aligning the various disciplines like no other. In doing so, we create added value that customers can rely on. Assurance, service and continuity are valuable notions/concepts in this respect.

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To protect human beings and the environment against security risks from outside in an effective and leading way. In order to safeguard the highest standards in perimeter protection for our customers the dynamic process of security is our starting point.

  • Quality & knowledge.
  • Reliable & flexible.
  • Service & unburdening.


Growth of men, society and prosperity makes their security increasingly important. That is why Cape Fence focuses on offering complete concepts, in which service and reliability are key. The Cape Fence brand symbolizes customized solutions, commitment and knowledge in order to remain a dominant market leader.

  • No-nonsense & innovative.
  • Site security.
  • Access control.


Our values define who we are, what we stand for, and how we behave. Lives and livelihoods depend on effective perimeter protection. Our customers know that working with Cape Fence means working with a company that does what it says and delivers what it promises.

  • Reliable.
  • Committed.
  • Expect.


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